Cute Owl Essential Oil Key Tool!

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Universal Roller Bottle Accessory to Easily Remove Roller Balls, Caps, and Orifice Reducers on Most Bottles in 3 Distinctive Colors

  • ELIMINATE FRUSTRATION! These universal keys work with all essential oil bottles including: 1ml/2ml sample vials; 3ml/5ml/10ml/15ml/30ml essential oil standard caps; and 3ml/5ml/10ml roller balls.
  • EASY TO USE – these durable, sturdy keys are made of metal with precise holes created to safely insert orifice and roller caps. Easily pry off orifice reducer inserts, and quickly press on roller bottle caps.
  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT - comes with a handy chain which makes them easily accessible on your purse, keys, carrying case: anywhere and everywhere you need them. These keys are perfect.
  • SAFE - Never again use your teeth, knives, fingernails, or other unwieldy tools to remove roller bottle or reducer caps. No essential oil task is too big or too small.
  • PERFECT GIFT - for CHRISTMAS STOCKING STUFFER or BIRTHDAYS to share with your essential oily family and friends.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Are you prefer Purple, Blue or Tan (Light Bronze)? Or get one of each to change with your style for the day.

The perfect essential oil tool to help you pry off those orifice reducer inserts and press on your roller bottle caps. Whether you are creating your own oil blends or just wanting to use a roller ball to apply your essential oils, you will never again be forced to use your teeth, knives, fingernails, or other unwieldy and sometimes dangerous items to remove or re-secure your roller bottle or reducer caps.

The Essential Oils Owl Key - Roller Bottle Accessory is ready to serve you in your essential oil, aromatherapy or perfumery journey. It looks like a whimsical owl, and it fits most essential oil and perfume bottles. It is perfect to help open most essential oil or perfume bottles and fit on a roller ball (or take it off - your choice). From the tiny sampler bottles to the standard 5 or 15 ml or .17 or .5 oz bottles, the Owl Key will make your life so much less tedious and delightfully more fun.

Keep one at home, work and on your keychain! Or share them with friends, family and colleagues.Don't spill another drop of your precious essential oil. Avoid those broken fingernails and the frustration of trying to remove the orifice reducer plug insert. Replace the orifice plug on your sample drams or your essential oil roller cap bottle tops with ease of application by using our Roller Bottle Cap Key.

Buy our Essential Oils Owl Key - Roller Bottle Accessory and safely and easily manage your essential oils bottles (and other custom perfume roller bottles as well!) Aromatherapy never had it so good.

Click on "Add to Cart" button at the top to add the Essential Oil Owl Key to your essential oil or aromatherapy supply box. You’ll be glad you did.

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