Mini Tibetan Copper Lotus Incense Burner

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Add beauty and calm to your home with our
Copper Incense Burner

Beautiful enough to show off in your living room. 

  • Add the Calming influence of incense to your home or office with this beautiful design piece
  • Incense Burner - Size: 6cm*6cm*6.5cm (2.4" x 2.4" x 2.6")

Lift the lid of the lotus and add either cone or charcoal resin incense scent of your choice. You can protect the surface by adding sand.  Or you can even add herbs and essence oils as a passive diffuser
You can also use it as a beautiful storage box for trinkets. Whatever your choice it is all metal with a copper finish. 
This gorgeous Lotus Incense Burner-Collectible Buddha Meditation Aroma Scent has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere.

The many benefits of incense/essential oils:
1. Freshen the air and Promote sleep.
2. Enhance immunity, prevent disease and reduce hypertension.
3. Enhance physical strength and vital capacity, promote metabolism.
4. Dispel mosquitoes, killing antibacterial.
5. Balance hormones, activate cells, prevent aging.
6. Refreshing, enhance memory.
7. Keep calm, relieve stress, insomnia, headache. 
Order Now. Supplies are low as each has to be hand-made.

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