Handmade Sandstone Meditation Buddha Figurine

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Add this gorgeous sandstone Buddha statue to your home.

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Bring peace and calm into your home or office with this inspirational image of meditation and prayer. Buddha statues are  highly recommended as stress relievers and bring serenity and calmness to any home, office or shop setting. They make an excellent gift.

The Meditation Buddha can be a visual symbol and reminder of inner peace, good fortune, healing, and calm. It can be a powerful motivational reminder that each and every one of us has Buddha nature within us. Gazing upon a this statue can give you a moment of peace and clarity.

Handmade sandstone statue

  • Chiseled from a solid block of dense sandstone
  • This Buddha was carved by Thai artists to look like a vintage statue.
  • Add an element of inspiration and positive energy to each of your favorite spaces.
  • Ideal to gift someone or just to treat yourself. :-)


  • DO NOT Wash. Wipe with soft, clean and dry cloth to keep off dust accumulation.

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