7 Chakra Colored Tapestry/Mat Rainbow Stripes

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Beautiful Intricate 7 Chakra Colored Tapestry design,

So soft, breathable and comfortable! This makes a great wall hanging, tablecloth, or beach cover up.
Doing yoga on a sandy, dusty floor? This tapestry is easy to fold and supple, very comfortable to bring with you wherever you go.


Symbolizing the 7 chakras, enjoy this item in your yoga class, picnic at the beach, or watching the night sky. With its vibrant colors, looks really stunning the eyes. Comfortable material to use. Perfect gift idea for practically anyone! 

Great for summer travel - it can be used as a sun shawl, for a beach mat, table mats, etc. This beach towel is made of chiffon and polyester, suitable for beach holidays. 
This is not recommended as a bath towel. 
Material: 80% polyester fiber + 20% polyamide fiber, polyester
2 sizes:  Beach Wrap/Mat or Yoga Mat  - Size: 5 ft x 2ft 4 inches (70cm*150cm)    or
                  Blanket/Wall Tapestry - Size: 5' square (150cm*150cm)
Note: Please allow for sizing +/- 1-3 cm.

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