Ceramic Aromatherapy Buddha

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Want to bring the aura of Buddha into your home or office?

This Buddha head essential oil burner is a very unique piece. You can use it either as a Buddha head statue to decorate your yoga room, meditation room, or your home or as an essential oil / aromatherapy diffuser, or both!  

It is a great and unique find for your yoga or meditation practices. It is also a very neat Feng Shui item for your home or office. The tea light creates a nice calming light and reflection through the Buddha statue.

For Aromatherapy, it works perfectly with a few drops of essential oil, a bit of water, and a tea-light. Or you can use scented wax cubes.

Easy To Use-Open the lid of the Buddha statue,put a spoon of water & 5 - 8 drops of the oil into the bowl and light a small candle below. The tea light warms up the essential oils in stone saucer to diffuse aromas and fragrance.

Tea lights usually burn out in 2.5 hours. Oil/water mixture may run out in 2 hours.


  • Relax your body and mind
  • Pleasant aroma and relaxing light revitalize your body and mind. 
  • Create a refreshing atmosphere for your family, partner & guests.
  • Easy to Clean and Use
  • Perfect for setting a meditative ambiance.


  • Handmade Buddha head ceramic vaporizer
  • Size: 4.33"x 4.33"x 5.12" (11 cm x 11 cm x 13 cm)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • SIZE Dimension:4.33" x 4.33" x 5.12" (11 cm x 11 cm x 13 cm),
  • Essential oil and tea light are not included.

Please Note

    • This is NOT a Childs toy.  Beware of possible burns in the process of use.
    • Ceramic products will often show small flaws that reflect the handmade process






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