Infinity Mini Fidget Cube

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Introducing the Infinity Fidget Cube

The QUIET fidget toy.


Whether you're a parent, student, teacher, or want to perform better at work, this fidget toy helps anyone who has trouble doing homework or focusing on a project. Proven to help the student who has trouble focusing in class, The teacher who wants to help their students learn better and working professionals who need something to do during focused business meetings or phone calls. The Infinity Fidget Cube will relieve stress and anxiety!
Specifically designed for people who can't keep their fingers still, it can effectively relieve hand muscles, soothing the brain, so as to relieve mental stress, tension, anxiety. It gives you something to fidget with and stimulates the senses to help you release body so that you can focus on your work or study.
Because it is quiet, you can use it while listening to a lecture, or while studying for that upcoming test. Use it in the next meeting you have to attend (or lead). Use it at your desk while working on projects. Enduring a lengthy commute and need to relieve some stress? Fidget away. 
Perfect Size!
Eight small cubes that can be rotated from any direction and angle, without any restrictions. 
Size: 2 * 4 * 8 cm, fits in the Palm of your hand.  Simply put one in your purse, pocket, car, or desk drawer and know that you always have this simple device with you. The cubes are small enough to use anywhere... class, work or travel.
It's very quiet so you can fidget without disrupting others. They are a wonderful tool for anybody that has ever felt stressed, anxious and needed away to release that energy without being disruptive.  We believe the Infinity Fidget Cube provides a tangible way to capture your floating attention, regardless of whether you fidget consciously or subconsciously.
Product Features
The inifinity cube consists of 8 small cubes, it can rotate in any direction and angle with no restraint.
Every component of the Infinity Cube is made from premium materials and hand finished.
It is a fidget breaker while studying or working.
  It helps relieve stress, anxiety and kill time, great for fidgety hands and help those ADHD sufferers to focus his attention on.
Each cube is delicately made and assembled to form a size of 40mm of infinity cube.When laid flat, infinity cube is only 20mm thick.
A perfect gift for your loved ones.
Dimensions: 1.1 x 5 x 3.19 inchs., Weight: 0.14lbs.
How to use it: 
It's the perfect office desk toy, allowing you to fidget quietly with one hand. You can fold it over and over again while you brainstorm and focus on your projects.

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