Owl Natural Stone and Beads Bracelet

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Gorgeous owl bracelet features 8mm Natural Stones and Beads with a stunning Gold or Silver Owl Center piece.  Beautifully handcrafted, this beaded Owl bracelet is available in 6 beautiful stone and metal variations.

The Owl represents being patient, and mental toughness. Perfect to help restore calm and peace.  

Owls are also known for hunting their pray from up high, and sometimes waiting for several hours before striking. This transfers over to us with the idea of waiting for the right time to do something in life, rather then jumping into something you cannot handle.

Wearing one of our Owl bracelets will remind you to stay above others, and to remain calm and peaceful.  If you choose one of the lava stone varieties, you can add your Essential Oil of choice as well.

Natural stones are grounding stones that help us connect to the energies of Mother Earth. They can help to dissipate anger and absorb negative energy. 

  • Bracelet Fits Most Wrists - Circumference roughly 7 Inches (more or less)
  • High-resiliency elastic silicone cording - abrasion resistant yet very comfortable
  • High quality material and feel
  • Choice of onyx and lava stones.
  • Choice of Silver or Gold

Blue Natural Stone in Silver and Gold


Black Lava Stone in Silver and Gold


Black Onyx in Silver and Gold



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